5 Benefits Homeowners Are Entitled to But Forget to Claim

By Jessica Truss | Published January 15, 2020

There's a reason a lot of us aspire to be homeowners. To have a place to truly call your own, a place to make memories and put down roots.  

But there’s some benefits that come from owning a home, and sadly lots of us miss out! Here are 5 things homeowners are entitled to but often forget to claim:

No.1: Warm home discount

Did you know you could get £140 towards your energy bills in winter? The Warm Home Discount is a  scheme to help vulnerable homeowners cover their energy costs. 

The money isn’t paid directly to you, instead it’ll come as a rebate on your bill between September and March. To check it out, you can call the Warm Home Discount helpline.

No.2: Cheaper Energy Deals Every Year

Look After My Bills - Dragons' Den

The best way to keep your bills low is to switch energy suppliers yearly. But, let’s be honest, switching can be a lot of hassle, drawn out phone calls and tricky to fit in around the day-to-day!

All this hassle is exactly why suppliers are able to rip us off to the tune of £300 a year! But with an auto-saving service like, Look After My Bills, you can change that. 

Here’s how it works: a single online sign up gets you a cheaper deal in 60 seconds, then they automatically finds you a great every year thereafter.

Get a quote in just 60 seconds to see how much you can save »

No.3: Upgrading your boiler for free

The Government’s ECO Scheme swap out your in-efficient boiler for free. What ECO does is try to reduce the cost of heating your home if you meet some simple criteria, like that your boiler is at least 5 years old. 

If you qualify for a grant, you can have a new boiler installed along with new heating controls. Ultimately, the amount of funding you’ll get is determined by how energy efficient your home is.

No.4: Up to £300 in Winter Fuel Payments

Regardless of income, you could be inline for a one-off cash boost of as much as £300 this winter. Winter Fuel Payments are available for those born before 5 April 1954 and are totally tax-free. Usually this payment comes automatically in November or December, but if you’re missing out you will need to make a claim by calling them directly

No.5: You can make some extra money

Okay, this one’s a little different to the rest. Not exactly a benefit or scheme, more of an opportunity that many of us pass up. 

There’s a host of different ways to make money from the extra space in your home. One way is  to use AirBnB and rent out rooms to travellers or longer term lodgers. Plus, with YourParkingSpace, you could even look into renting out your drive for parking! The average earning for a long-term space is £104 a month or more than £1,200 a year.

REMINDER: Don't Forget to save long term on your energy bills

Out of all 5 of these benefits, auto-switching your energy is the only one that you can get entirely off your plate and reap the benefits every year.

The average household is getting overcharged by £300+ every year by greedy energy companies. 

So, check out Look After My Bills for free (it takes just 60 seconds) and let them do all of the hard work.

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