6 Home Maintenance Tips You Never Knew About That Could Save You £100s in 2021

By Jessica Truss | Published January 7, 2021

8 Vital Home Maintenance Tasks

Today, we’re going to share some money saving tips that could help ease the Holiday ‘hangover’ in the New Year.

And by ‘hangover’ we mean the soul-sucking knowledge that Christmas stretched your savings budget to the limit.

If you want to get things back on track fast, use these six energy-saving tips to put some jingle back in your jeans.

1. A closed door nets cash back for you.

Keeping doors inside your home closed during the winter months is a great way to trap warm air in each room, so your furnace doesn't need to work as hard. Placing a mat on the floor in front of the door can help even more. 

2. Save hundreds on your energy bills in 60 seconds

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3. Tell your boiler to take a load off!

Keeping your thermostat set at a lower temperature throughout the day can help take the pressure off your boiler. That's because considerable energy is needed for the boiler to raise the temperature to a higher one each time it's required to. If it feels a bit cool, that ugly Christmas sweater you got from Uncle Tom and a cuppa will help take the chill off.

4. Enjoy that shower - Save on Power

There's nothing more soothing than a hot, power shower after a long day in the bitter cold. The trouble is, it requires a lot of energy to heat that water and the longer you run it, the more it costs. Try replacing your shower head with an energy saving model. The cost to replace it is nominal, you’ll conserve water and lower your energy bill. You could easily recoup the investment in a couple of months and you’ll save money forever.

5. More food = Bigger Savings

Keeping your fridge full is another way to lower energy costs. That's because an empty fridge requires more energy to cool, which means it has to work harder. If your food is packed together there is less empty space which in turn helps ease the burden on your fridge and ultimately save you money.

6. Tumble dry clothes for less!

Your tumble dryer requires a lot of energy to dry your clothes - especially if it's an older model. To save on energy, hang dry clothes in a warm room with the help of an airer. Your clothes won't get as creased and it will cost far less to get the job done. Pro tip: Don't put clothes on a radiator - your boiler will be forced to work harder which means more energy used!

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These are just a few ways to conserve energy which require little effort on your part and could net you huge savings.

PS. Did you see Tip#2?

These guys have helped hundreds of thousands of UK residents put £100s back in their pockets each year.

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