6 Money Saving Tips for 2020

By Jessica Truss | Published January 24, 2020

If you feel overwhelmed about how to save money, you’re not alone. While some may think saving money is relatively straightforward, one in five Brits have nothing saved at all. 

Here are some easy ways to get you on a money-saving track all the way to 2021, and beyond.

​1. Quit smoking

This might make some people upset, but it’s time to quit smoking. Not only is it terrible for your health, but it’s costing you and your family a fortune. If you smoke a pack every day, that would equate to a WHOPPING £3,650 saved every year.

There are plenty of techniques to quit smoking, but it all comes down to your dedicated to cut the habit. Come up with a plan and have family and friends hold you accountable.

2. Save hundreds on your energy bills in 60 seconds

Switching your energy bills. We all know how long the process is. 

Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean your bills stop! With everything going on in the world right now, how can you constantly keep checking if you are not overpaying and you are on the best rates?

Well, you don’t, is the simple yet amazing answer! 

Look After My Bills. Exactly what it says in the name! 

This new auto-switching service, which has been approved by, and got the best EVER deal on Dragons Den, is changing the energy industry, and saving thousands of people money every day! 

Over 500,000 people have signed up to the FREE service already and are saving £259 on average! 

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​3. ​Change your lightbulbs

This is another great tip to be done in the summer, that will benefit you the entire year around! 

Checking your light bulbs around the house will not only keep you busy and productive but switching them to LED light bulbs could also save you some extra £’s! 

LED light bulbs are four times more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, and also last for longer! 

Making the switch during the summertime is a great way to cut down on those energy bills during the winter seasons! 

4. Make budgeting a game

Budgeting can be very tedious; however, games are usually fun! Make budgeting into a game, with the goal being to spend less on your usual and everyday purchases! 

Making budgeting into a game will also put your subconscious to good work, so you will always be looking for ways to cut and save on some money! 

5. only purchase items you 'need' and not 'want'

These days we can buy anything we want with a click of a button. Due to this, try to wait 48 hours before making a costly purchase. 

This will help to buffer your impulse purchases and separate items that you ‘want’ but don’t necessarily ‘need’. By doing this, not only will you save money, but will also become more mindful towards any future purchases. 

6. Cancel unused subscriptions

It’s easier than ever to rack up monthly subscription bills since many products and services offer monthly plans. But the problem with those is that you tend to sign up and forget, or you get “cancel remorse” and keep subscriptions you don’t really use.

Go through your bank statements and review your subscriptions immediately! Don’t forget to check your Direct Debits too.

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