6 Ways To Save Money in 2021

By Jessica Truss | Published January 5, 2021

No matter the year or what’s trending in the news there are always ways to shave a few pounds off your budget.

Maybe you’d like to save for a new car, or pay off some debt.

If you aren’t in a position to earn more at the moment pinching pennies can help you achieve your financial goals faster than you might think.

We asked our team to scour the web searching for great ways to put some much-needed cash back in your pocket.

Here’s what they came up with:

1. Work out for less.

How much do you spend on monthly or annual gym membership’s?

The average Brit shells out £40 per month for the privilege. That’s a whopping £480 per year.

Fitness is important but there are plenty of ways to do it cheaper. Especially right now, with people being forced to stay home.

Calculate your gym membership costs and consider looking at a home gym as a cheaper alternative.

You may have to buy a used yoga mat, bike or bench and free weights, but the one time investment could pay for itsely quickly - especially if you currently pay for a personal trainer to yell, “One more!”

2. Save £100’s year after year on home energy

Look After My Bills - Dragons' Den

Did you know the average Brit pays £60 (on average) per month more for home energy than they need to? Gulp!

If you’re fed up with overpaying check out energy switching company Look After My Bills.

These guys have turned the retail energy market upside down by offering a free service that puts cash back in your pocket by ensuring you always get the best deal.

With Look After My Bills:

  • Service is 100% free to use
  • No need for manual comparisons, no worries
  • Sign up even if your deal hasn't ended
  • No long term commitment required
  • 99% of new members find a saving straight away

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3. The Power of Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards

It might be annoying carrying these cards and coupons around, but if it saves you a few quid when you shop it’s worth it!

Don’t toss out those cereal box coupons or receipts too quickly! Keep an eye out for discount codes and vouchers and make the most of them.

For example, some cereal boxes offer 2-for-1 admission to attractions and other entertainment.

And, your McDonald’s receipt may hold the key to a cheap meal on your next visit.

We're not hard wired to think about savings "the next time" because we view it as cash in our hands right now.

However, collecting these and cashing them in could help you save a bundle down the road, so don’t miss out!

4. Renegotiate Your Bills.

Many times vendors like cable tellie, or your phone bill can be renegotiated.

Check with service suppliers to see if there is a new deal that’s better than your current one.

They may switch you with no penalty - especially if you tell them you’ve shopped around and found a better deal available elsewhere.

More than anything companies hate to lose customers. This is generally because it costs them more to acquire new customers than it does to service and maintain current ones.

5. Swap Don’t Shop!

Thanks to folks like visionary and Netflix celebrity, Marie Kondo, swapping items to purge, declutter and organize things like your wardrobe or household things, is quickly becoming the rage.

Swapping was once the chief method of trade in our world and it’s still a great way to save money today. It also helps other people in your social and family circle get what they want too!

You could easily set up a Facebook page devoted to advertising items you’d like to swap, and share the link with family and friends.

6. Modify Your Shopping Habits

Do you shop at the same supermarket each week?

Most of us have never thought about switching - even if prices on some things might be lower elsewhere.

It’s convenient; you know where everything is - you know the checkers by name, there are no surprises. It’s easy to get into a comfortable rut but you may be hemhoraging money as a result.

Try different supermarkets and experiment with the new store's own brand name items. You may find some items cheaper than your regular store.

If you have many mouths to feed, you may find that bulk buying can help shave a few pounds off your spending as well.

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