Easy Money Making Hacks for 2020

>One of the top online newspapers asked several money savers and bloggers following their social media pages for insider hacks that can help save money and earn money. It didn’t take long for the comments to start pouring in and the results were not disappointing.

According to the Bank of England, a regular household spends an estimated £2,000 every month. This means that a lot of individuals and families would not mind anything that will add to their earnings. From our calculations, if you follow these tips, you can earn about £982 or more. 

This is how most people earn money and we’ve compiled a list so you can follow suit

Mystery shopping

A number of Facebook users gave this suggestion as a way of earning extra money. There are several companies that let you go mystery shopping. On the MoneySavingExpert forum, you can find a detailed guide on how to go about this venture. It also has several links to the various companies that allow this. Some people suggested that you can earn about £2,000 a year from mystery shopping. 

Selling things on eBay

Although this trick is quite old, it is nonetheless effective. Several money savers mention eBay as their go to platform for selling their old or unwanted items like home ware and clothes to earn a token

The stress of going to the post office to drop off items has been eliminated as you can select a courier that will come pick up the item from your house

eBay has a percentage they’ll charge for selling on their website, so you have to consider that when you’re fixing the price. There are also other free alternatives you can use like Facebook and Gumtree. 

How to run a successful ebay business?

Easy fiver

There’s a chatbot app that automates your savings and it’s called Plum Bank. For signing up, you will be rewarded with £5 when you connect to their bank account. It is a straightforward and quick way to make a fiver. 

Install an app

You can earn a voucher of £20 by installing an app on your mobile phone. The app is as consumer data tracking software called Ipsos Media Cell. According to those who have used it, they pay you £10 monthly for keeping the app on your phone without uninstalling it. 

Take a survey

You get paid £3 by Pinecone Research for every survey you complete. At this time, they will also let you test several beauty products in addition to the £3 you’ll be given.

Earning cashback

TopCashback was mentioned a number of times by several users. Anytime you want to shop online, the first thing you should do is to navigate to TopCashback’s website, then click through to the site of your choice through Topcashback, this initiates a payment

You can save as much as £100 cashback if you want to book a holiday via Expedia or £60 cashback if you want to switch your broadband.

Get paid for sharing latest deals 

LatestDeals gives out several vouchers to anyone that shares deals on their website. For your contributions, you can get points that adds up to Amazon vouchers. Top contributors earn about £500 monthly for sharing deals found online. 

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