Easy Ways to Make Money While Sitting On Your Couch

It is normal to be frugal at the start of a new year as several families would be cutting less on spending. The good news is, it is possible to earn money in the comfort of your couch. Here are a few ways you can achieve this. 

Get paid while you spend

People that frequently shop online and do not use cashback sites are missing out. Without much ado, go to websites like Quidco and TopCashback before you start your online shopping spree – you will be rewarded with cashback on your bill. 

To get more significant sums, think banks and bills. New contracts can get you a higher cashback on your energy, pay-TV, broadband and phone. The same can also be applied to financial products like your current account, insurance and credit cards

Just make sure that you will not pay less somewhere else, even with the cashback. You can also earn extra money by taking payouts as vouchers for established companies instead of a bank transfer. 

Try not to pay full price always

Pounce on sales and be on the lookout for mouthwatering discounts. You can do this by searching online for voucher codes or by checking fliers and magazines. You can also go to the website of your favourite retailers and sign up for their newsletters, or you can follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for deals, discounts and codes. 

Also, you can avoid postage costs by stalling until your order is big enough to qualify you for free shipping. You can use click and collect services. 

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Try saving money on travel, shopping, day outs and spa days. Always check websites like Groupon and Wowcher. There are also samples and freebies on Dragons’ Den favourite Latest Free Stuff.

Even though you are not, try saving like a student 

Take certain courses online even though you’re not a full time student. This way, you get a student card which can come in handy. You can search for useful discounts on websites like Groupon and Wowchen when you want to buy a course. 

Next, sign up for a UNiDAYS account or a NUS Extra card to get discounts like the 50 percent off Spotify music streaming, 20 percent off at National Express and 6 months free Amazon Prime. The NUS extra card can also get you 10 percent off an Apple iPad and 10 percent off at the Co-op which covers the cost of the card. 

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