Energy Auto-Switching - Is It Really Worth It? One customer's honest opinion…

Submitted by John, from Cornwall | Published April 17, 2020

Have you ever wondered whether switching energy suppliers could save you money?

With rising costs and shrinking budgets, I think everyone is trying to save a little money on energy - myself included.

Sadly, lots of energy suppliers offer first-time customer savings and then bump you up to a higher price automatically when the deal expires.

I wanted to cut energy costs, but...

I had no time to ring up suppliers, compare rates, fill out complicated forms or read the fine print in contracts.

My life and schedule were quite hectic just around the time my current energy tariff was due to expire last year.

I just wanted someone to take the whole business of comparing and switching off my plate!

So, after seeing my energy bills go up month after month, I decided to investigate this whole, energy ‘auto-switching’ business.

Before I signed up with Look After My Bills, I admit I was skeptical...

I remember thinking things like... “What if something goes wrong and I lose my gas and electricity?” “How do I know they’ll get me the best deal?”

The idea of ‘auto-switching’ is pretty simple…

They look for a better deal and switch you automatically.It sounded like a great idea, but I was still skeptical.

I looked at several companies, but all of them seemed to offer pretty much the same services, so which one do you choose?

That’s when I decided to check reviews online...

What convinced me to give Look After My Bills a try was their ‘TrustPilot’ rating…

With 9,240 real reviews on TrustPilot, they had a 4.5 rating!

People across the UK were raving about this company!

People across the UK were raving about this company!

And, their service is completely free to use!

They do all the rate comparison work for you...

There’s no need to ring up energy suppliers, sit on hold for hours, or read through complicated terms and contracts.

In fact, there’s no need to do anything at all.

Except for the quick signup on their web page, I literally did nothing to get a better rate and switch suppliers. Look After My Bills handled it all for me!

How is it free?

I wondered about that too…

It turns out the company only gets a small fee from the energy suppliers they work with.

But look, there’s no ‘monkey’ business there...they only work with energy suppliers they trust to look after you properly.

And, if your current tariff is set to go up at the end of your term, they look for a better deal and switch you automatically.

But, they won’t switch you unless they can save you at least £50 a year, or £15 if you have a prepay meter, and...

They get your approval before they make the switch, so you’re always in the know about what’s going on.

What about savings?

Now, to be honest, energy auto-switching doesn’t always mean getting the very cheapest deal…

That’s because Look After My Bills wants to ensure the suppliers they work with, value their customers and are committed to improving their customer service.

They do say they help folks like you and me save £253 on average.

In my first year, I saved nearly 40% when my bill dropped from £239 a month (for combined gas and electricity) to just £160 on average.

That’s a savings of £78 per month or £936 per year!

That’s enough money to make your car payments, pay for a summer vacation or gifts next Christmas!It just makes sense, don’t you think?

With ‘LAMB’, your deal stays hassle-free and fair forever, so you never need to worry about it again.

And, with LAMB, you’re always in control...

When they find a better deal, you’ll get an email telling you who your new supplier is and the amount you pay for your electricity and gas based on what you’ve told us.

Plus, you can cancel the Look After My Bills service at any time.

If you don’t like the supplier they switch you to then you have a 14-day cooling-off period with them to cancel the switch.


You have virtually nothing to lose and potentially £100’s to gain.

It takes just 2 minutes to signup and it’s completely free to see how much you could save.

If you’re fed up with rising energy costs and you don’t want the hassle of switching yourself…

Why not give ‘Look After My Bills’ a try?

I did, and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

Do it now!

REMINDER: People are saving £300+ a year or more on their energy bills

Latest statistics show that at least 60% of households are getting ripped-off by their energy supplier.

Look After My Bills is putting a stop to that with their free service. You sign up just once, and they’ll switch you to a great deal every year - saving you £300+ in the process.

The service is rated “Excellent” on independent review website Trustpilot with 6,129 reviews.

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