Energy bills, subscriptions and impulse buying: how we're wasting money while staying home

By Jessica Truss | Published April 21, 2020

People across the UK are spending a lot more time at home. 

The ongoing situation has had a profound impact on the incomes of millions of people across the country.

With so many of us having to make our money stretch a little further, it’s incredibly important to look carefully at precisely where you are spending your money and identify areas where you aren’t getting much back.

After all, having a few extra pounds in your pocket sounds pretty good right about now doesn't it?

Energy bills

An excellent place to start is your gas and electricity bill.

An inevitable result of us all spending so much more time at home is that we are using more energy, and as such are in danger of running up some massive energy bills.

So now ‒ even though the sun is out ‒ is the right time to review your energy tariff.

Millions of households across the country are on their supplier’s standard variable tariff, which is basically the most expensive deal they offer.

It’s precisely because these deals are so rubbish that the government felt compelled to introduce an energy price cap, to at least limit the extent to which suppliers rip off customers on these deals.

Or, if you are one of the lucky ones with a good deal, beware of your tariffs increasing once your contract ends.

Luckily, Look After My Bills is making it easy to get the best deal on your gas and electricity bill. They use industry-leading auto-switch technology that automatically finds you the best deal, and switches you. Never again do the heavy lifting yourself.

What's even better, is that 99% of new members find a saving straight away. And, it's completely free to use!!!

If you can't be bothered to compare rates and switch regularly, go for an automated service like Look After My Bills to save an average of £253 every year!


It’s not just the gas and electricity that’s taking a hammering at the moment ‒ millions of us are hugely reliant on our internet connections, for work and for entertainment now that we can’t leave the house.

So it makes sense to check you’re on the best possible broadband deal for your actual use. 

Now, more than ever, you will have a decent idea of just how much streaming you do and whether the speeds and allowances included in your deal are worth the money you’re paying. And in the case that you don't, there are lots of free tools available online that will help you find out.

What’s more, if you haven’t switched deals in a while, you may find that you can save money AND find a more generous package from a rival provider.

The same goes for your home phone and mobile phone packages.

You have time now to analyse just how you use your phones and whether the deals you are on actually line up with your typical usage.

If they don’t, finding an alternative deal that does will likely save you some cash.

Gym Subscriptions

With the nation’s gyms closed, many of us are relying on Joe Wicks and the like to guide us through a little daily exercise. But what about the money that normally comes out of our accounts for gym subscriptions?

This will vary depending on who your membership is with, but thankfully plenty of the big names have said they will be pausing payments.

These include the likes of Virgin Active, Pure Gym and David Lloyd, so don’t be hasty in cancelling your direct debit.

However, if you workout with a smaller, independent gym it’s worth getting in contact to establish exactly how they are handling your membership and whether you can save some cash by pausing payments.

Impulse Purchases

Just as the devil makes work for idle thumbs, people staying at home makes work for Amazon drivers. 

Let’s be honest, it’s all too easy to end up spending some cash on something we hope will provide a little added entertainment, whether that’s additional exercise equipment, board games or even a new gaming system.

And while doing a little retail therapy may lighten your mood a little, it will also lighten your wallet.

Give yourself a cool-off period to reflect on whether this purchase really is essential, and whether you will actually put the item to use.

That pullup bar may seem appealing right now, but how often are you really going to use it?

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