6 Essential Spring Property Maintenance Tips

By Jessica Truss | Published June 1, 2020

Now that the dark and gloomy months of winter are a distant memory, spring provides the opportunity to undertake any necessary maintenance on your rental property. This can ensure it complies with all regulations and remains in a great marketable and rentable condition, both in the short and long term.

Follow our 6 top tips for essential spring property maintenance to help you stay ahead.

1. Gardens SOS

A large part of spring property maintenance takes place in the garden. Weeds are abundant at this time of year, and together with the debris of winter, spring is the time to address things before gardens become overgrown.

Overgrown gardens not only look unsightly but can present safety issues and cause damage to property in the longer term. Patios and driveways overrun with weeds can cause cracks which can, in turn, lead to drainage problems. It’s also worth keeping trees in check, especially those that are near to electric lines.

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3. Check Seals and Trimmings

Spring showers don’t favour wood trims around windows and doors, especially if they hardened and cracked during cold winter snaps. Paintwork repairs will help keep leaks at bay and prevent rot. If they are too damaged though and rot is already evident, it might be time for replacements.

4. Guttering

Spring is often awash with abundant showers, so cleaning blocked gutters can pre-empt further problems. Replacing loose or leaky guttering can also avert water damage to your property.

Ideally gutters should be cleaned twice a year to keep them functioning well. The best time for the second annual clearance is in after the leaves have fallen in late autumn.

5. Roof Inspection

A quick check that winter winds didn’t take the odd tile or 2 with them can help prevent damaging leaks becoming a full scale (and expensive!) problem. Cracked tiles are often just as problematic as missing tiles and replacing them early can help you negate issues. If you have a flat roof, undertake both an internal and external check for any damp patched or sagging.

Whatever type of roof your property has, it’s pertinent to undertake an internal check for rodents, birds, wasps and other visitors.

6. Smoke Detectors

Whenever you are checking your property, it’s always worth replacing batteries in smoke detectors to keep them in full working order.

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