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Get a FREE Smart Light Bulb PLUS Save £253 Or More On Home Energy Year After Year Without Lifting a Finger

By The Pocket Your Pounds Team | Published September 1, 2020

When I first heard about Look After My Bills (LAMB), I was happy to share the news about how this company helps UK residents save on home energy costs.

I mean, who doesn’t like saving money - especially these days?

Instead of having to ring up dozens of suppliers to compare energy rates and deal with the hassles of switching manually, Look After My Bills does it all for you.

Just sign-up once (takes 2 min.) then forget about it forever.

It cost you nothing to use their service, and they can usually find you a great deal on home energy right away.

LAMB saves their customers £253 on average, year after year - that’s nothing to sneeze at!

​And it’s 100% free to use their service. gets even better, because right now they’re giving away….

A free RGB, LED bulb when you make your first switch with their service.

RGB LED’s are the latest in energy saving light bulb technology.

They outperform incandescent, and halogen bulbs by using significantly less energy, they last much longer and light your room in every color imaginable.

Here’s why I love these RGB bulbs…

It’s true, lots of companies give away free gifts to their loyal customers, however it’s usually it’s some cheap gadget that doesn’t work.

Well, not only does this RGB bulb work - it’s bloody awesome and it saved me a few pounds on my electric bill too!

It’s great for setting colorful accents to enhance your mood, living spaces or, if you prefer, illuminate rooms evenly with pure white light.

You can program it to create hundreds of light color variations with the accompanying remote control.

The color options are endless and you’ll enjoy the energy savings as well.

This FREE GIFT is just LAMB’s way of saying “thanks” for letting them help you save money all year long.

Remember...this free RGB light bulb is ONLY available after you make your first energy switch with Look After My Bills.

So you could get yours right away or months after depending on your current energy contract.

Note: Many times Look After My Bills can find you a better deal on home energy right away, and they can often switch you with NO PENALTY.

It takes just two minutes to sign up and you could save £253 or more year after year, without lifting a finger. Easy peasy.

Look ​​After My Bills is a simple, hands-free, hassle-free way to save on energy bills year after year.

To find out how much you could save on home energy year after year and claim your RGB Light Bulb takes just 2 minutes.

Check out Look After My Bills on Trustpilot - They have over 14k Reviews!!!

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