How do Nectar Points Work

How do Nectar Points Work

What are Nectar Points and How Do They Work?

Nectar points can be collected in a huge range of retailers and used to get money off purchases. Here’s everything you need to know:

What are Nectar Points?

Nectar points are loyalty points that you can collect whenever you spend at certain Nectar partners, including Sainsbury’s, Argos, eBay, Currys, Just Eat, and many more. You collect your points by swiping your Nectar Card or entering the card number online when you shop. Points can be redeemed in certain stores in exchange for purchases.

How do Nectar Points Work

How Do Nectar Points Work?

Points are collected whenever you use your Nectar Card when making a purchase at an approved retailer. You will collect one Nectar Point for each £1 that you spend at a participating retailer.  Nectar is partnered with over 350 different brands so there’s a high chance that your Nectar Card will be accepted in a lot of places that you already shop at. You can collect Nectar points each time you shop at the following:

  • Sainsbury’s
  • Just Eat
  • Argos
  • ESSO
  • eBay
  • Debenhams

Some popular UK brands where you can redeem your Nectar points when you shop include:

  • Sainsbury’s
  • Argos
  • eBay
  • Dulux Decorator Centre
  • Cafe Nero
  • Vue Cinema
  • Sky

How Much is 100 Nectar Points Worth?

If you want to work out the cash value of your Nectar points, it’s good to know how much one hundred points are worth. Each Nectar point is worth 0.5p, so for every 100 Nectar points that you collect, you will have 50p to spend on your Nectar Card.

How Much is 350 Nectar Points Worth?

If you have 350 Nectar points, you’ve got £1.75 to spend at a partnered retailer.

What is 1300 Nectar Points Worth?

1300 Nectar points are worth £6.50.

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5000 Nectar Points Equals How Much?

Collect 5000 Nectar points, and you’ll have £25 worth of spending money on your Nectar Card to use at a range of popular UK brands.

Quick Nectar Calculator:

If you need a quick way to work out how much money you have got to spend thanks to the Nectar points that you have collected, remember that one Nectar Point is worth 0.5p. Therefore, the best way to quickly work out how much cash you have available is to multiply the number of Nectar points you have by 0.5. Alternatively, you can log in to the Nectar website where you will be able to easily find your balance. You can also download the Nectar app to check your balance on the go and get your card details quickly.

How to Sign Up and Get a Nectar Key Fob and Card:

When you sign up to Nectar, you will get a card and a handy key fob that you can keep on your keys to make sure that you always have your card with you whenever you are shopping with partners where you can collect points. To sign up, simply head to and click on ‘Join Nectar’. You will be asked to verify your email address before being sent back to the main website to provide your personal details. You have the option of signing up for a personal or a business Nectar card. Once you have completed the sign-up process, sit back and wait for your card and key fob to arrive in the post. You’ll also be able to access your Nectar Card number online before your physical card arrives so that you can get started collecting points immediately.

Earning Nectar ASOS Points:

Along with being able to collect points at a variety of physical stores across the UK like Sainsbury’s and Argos, you can also use your Nectar Card when shopping online at a variety of retailers. is the largest independent fashion and beauty retailer in the UK, and you can collect and spend Nectar points when you shop here. Just enter your Nectar card number in the field provided when you check out your basket.

Earning DHL Nectar Points:

Unfortunately, Nectar and DHL are no longer partnered, meaning that you will not be able to collect Nectar points when you ship items using DHL. However, you can still collect Nectar p

oints when you spend at hundreds of other retailers in the UK.

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How to Collect Nectar Points at Currys PC World:

Currys PC World is the biggest electronics and appliances retailer in the UK, selling everything from essential home appliances and kitchen equipment to luxury TVs, computers, gaming consoles, smart devices, and much more. You can collect Nectar points when you are shopping in Currys PC world either in-store or online. If in-store, simply present your Nectar Card or key fob at the checkout before making the transaction. When shopping online, enter your Nectar Card number in the applicable field at the checkout for your points to be added.

Earning Clarks Nectar Points:

Clarks is one of the most trusted and well-known shoe brands on the UK high street, and if you’re shopping for new shoes for yourself or new shoes for the kids going back to school, the good news is that you can use your Nectar Card here. You can collect points for each pound that you spend at Clarks both in-store or online or redeem your Nectar points for money off your next purchase from this brand.

Can You Spend Nectar Points on Just Eat?

Over the past year, takeaways have become incredibly popular in the UK with restaurants everywhere closing temporarily as a result of the COVID19 crisis. While we might not be able to eat out as normal right now, the good news is that delivery services are still allowed – and the best part is that you can collect and spend your Nectar points each time you order your favourite meal in. Just Eat is a free app that is available from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, and you can also access the website. It works by finding various partnered takeaways and restaurants in your area when you enter your postcode. Once you’ve chosen what you want to eat, be sure to enter your Nectar card number before checking out and collect your points. You can also spend your Nectar points when buying food on Just Eat.

Getting Started With Just Eat Nectar Points:

To start earning Nectar points each time you order a takeaway, you will first need to set up a Just Eat account if you do not already have one. You can do this by heading to and following the steps to sign up. If you do not already have a Nectar Card, you will need to sign up for one at Once you’ve signed up you can access your card number immediately and start using it online. Enter your card number in the applicable field when you order takeaway from Just Eat to collect your points.

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Spending Airbnb Nectar Points:

Last year, Nectar conducted a trial with a small number of customers, allowing them to collect extra bonus points for spending and using their Nectar Card at a range of brands including Airbnb. The ‘Shoppers Rewards Scheme’ offered users the chance to earn up to fifty, rather than one point per £1 spent. You could earn twenty Nectar points for each pound spent with Airbnb.

Using Your Nectar Key Fob:

Although you will get immediate access to your Nectar Card number online when you sign up to start using it to collect points at a variety of online retailers, you will be able to benefit even further when your Nectar Card and key fob arrives in the post. Keep your key fob on your keyring and your card in your wallet so that you always have your Nectar Card handy whenever you are spending money at an approved partner. There are various offline brands that accept Nectar Cards including ESSO, Costa, and more.

Once you’ve signed up for a Nectar Card, you can enjoy earning points at various brands around the UK. You can use your Nectar card to collect points when you pay for a journey with Virgin Trains or to save money by earning Nectar points you can spend elsewhere when signing up for a new broadband package from BT. Three Mobile also allows you to collect and spend Nectar points with the option to earn up to a whopping 1,500 points – worth £7.50 – when you sign up for a smartphone contract.

And, it’s not all about collecting points – don’t forget that you can also spend your Nectar points at the partners, and there are various great deals on offer. You can use your Nectar points to book a fun family day out at Thorpe Park or get £2.50 off for every 500 Nectar points you use to book a flight with EasyJet. 500 Nectar points will get you £3.75 off your bill when eating at Pizza Express, and you can collect and spend points when enjoying a fun day out with family or friends at Go Ape, with 500 points worth £2.50.

With over three hundred UK retail partners, it’s definitely worth signing up for your Nectar Card to start collecting points today.

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