How to make money from copywriting?

how to make money from copywriting

Can You Make Money from Copywriting? If you enjoy writing about things, it makes sense that you might be wondering if you could make a living as a freelance copywriter. Today, we are living in the age of information and almost every business in every industry is in need of good online content to provide their customers with information about what they do, sell products, educate their audience, and provide descriptions for the products and services that they sell.

A freelance copywriter is somebody who writes copy or content for commercial use. They might work for an agency that provides them with work from several different clients or work on a contract basis with a range of individual clients. Either way, freelance copywriting is an ideal job for those who want to have the freedom to earn their income by working from home and be their own boss.

As a freelance copywriter, your content might be used on websites or blogs, email newsletters, or even on brochures, billboards, and other materials. As a freelance copywriter, there are many copywriting jobs available to consider, with businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world looking to hire copywriters all the time. If you like the idea of doing this as a job, there are plenty of ways to make money.

How to Make Money From Copywriting

Since almost anybody who can string a sentence together is able to advertise their services as a freelance copywriter, it’s important to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and give potential clients a reason to hire you over your competition. Some of the main things that copywriters can do to boost their earning potential include:

Find a Niche and Preferred Writing Style:

One of the best parts of working as a freelance copywriter is that you have a lot of freedom to explore different styles of writing and learn new skills. Spending some time doing this will help you improve your copywriter skills and provide you with the ability to write almost any type of content.

Focus on improving your research skills. To do this, you’ll need to get good at gathering information and online-based reading to put together facts and interesting information to include in the content that you will write. As you do this, you will also likely become more familiar with the different styles of writing and content formatting, finding the one that you resonate with the most, and coming up with new ways to make your articles stand out from the crowd.

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As a freelance copywriter, you can choose to be a jack-of-all-trades or specialise in a couple of different niches and writing styles. Whichever you decide to do, you can make a lot of money with the right clients. While offering a diverse range of writing styles, niches, and services can help you find more clients, specialising is an ideal choice since many clients are willing to pay more for a copywriter who is an expert in their niche.

Where to Learn Copywriting Skills:

If you are just starting out, practice is the best way to fine-tune your copywriting skills. Read popular blogs and articles to get an idea of what readers are the most interested in when it comes to your niche. You can also use a range of online platforms like Quicksprout or Copyblogger, where you can find several training programs for improving your copywriting skills and finding a style.

Work You Could Do as a Copywriter:

Working as a freelance copywriter is a very flexible line of work since you can write different content for various projects and earn money across the board. Blogging, site content writing, online shop product descriptions and catalogue creation, sales emails and newsletters, promotions, editing, SEO content writing, and social media post writing are just some of the options available to you. And, companies that deal with any of these aspects of business will be in need of a good copywriter.

Do Copywriters Make Good Money? How to Find Copywriting Jobs:

With the right jobs and the right skills, copywriters can seriously boost their income potential. How much you earn as a copywriter is entirely down to you and will depend on several factors such as the time that you invest in fine-tuning your skills, the clients that you take on, and how much work you are prepared to do. When you have a diverse range of copywriting skills, the following businesses can make ideal clients for you:

Companies That are Rebranding:

When a company is planning to change its entire brand and look, it will usually alter everything from its logo and brand colours to the website content. In many cases, companies that are rebranding will be in need of copywriters to rewrite content for their website or blog or edit the existing content.

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Companies Launching a New Product or Service:

When a business is planning to introduce a new product or service to the market, it will need a lot of new content for marketing and advertising. In this case, companies in this position will often seek a copywriter who is able to write about their new product or service in an informational way that encourages their audience to get excited about the upcoming launch.

Companies That are Merging:

Companies that are merging together is often quick a big deal, and there will be a lot of data and statistics published on websites, in advertisements, brochures, and other marking materials. This situation will also require a lot of new content written, either to update the audience on the new company that has been set up as a result of the merger or to inform customers of the situation. Undoubtedly, copywriters are often highly sought-after by companies in this position.

How Much Does a Copywriter Earn? How to Improve Your Earning Potential:

As a copywriter, there is the potential to earn an almost unlimited amount of money when you put the work into fine-tuning your copywriting skills, advertising your services, and reaching out to the right clients. To improve your earning potential as a copywriter, consider the following:

Publishing High-Quality Content:

Just like you would not want to hire a decorator for your home if you couldn’t see examples of the work that they have completed in the past, most business clients are not prepared to work with copywriters that do not have any examples of the work that they have done. Spending time publishing a high-quality portfolio is especially important if you want to make it in the world of freelance copywriting. This provides you with somewhere that you can easily direct any potentially interested clients to your work and provides you with a strong online presence to make it easier for potential clients to find you and enquire about your services.

Use Online Tools to Perfect Your Content:

There’s nothing wrong with making use of online tools that are designed to help you create better content. Grammarly is an ideal choice since it will check your spelling and grammar as you go and help you avoid typos or mistakes that could have been easily avoided – we all make them! Copyscape is another useful online tool that you can use for a very small fee to check that your articles are unique and free from plagiarism. This is an ideal tool to use, as with so much content now available online, you can never be sure that you’re not writing about something that’s very similar to a page that’s already been written.

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Network With Other Writers:

Networking with other writers is a great way to improve your skills, get ideas, and improve your chance of finding clients. Copywriters that know each other will often refer their clients to each other and this can be a great way to find new work. In addition, networking with other experienced copywriters means that you can ask them to check and offer feedback on your content. If you don’t know anybody that you are comfortable asking, you can find experienced proof-readers on sites like Fiverr for a very small fee.

Take Online Courses:

There are several online courses to choose from that will provide you with a copywriting certification and help you present yourself as an expert in the field to your clients. You will usually be able to complete the course from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. The Institute of Digital Marketing,, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing are just some great institutions that offer online copywriting courses. Alternatively, you could look for a course on Udemy or similar.

How to Market Your Services:

It is beneficial to market your services as a freelance copywriter since this is the only way to make a name for yourself in the industry and improve your earning potential. Treat your copywriting work like a business and market your content to several companies and agencies that might be willing to offer you a job after viewing your work.

First of all, you will need to create a portfolio. The best way to do this is with a website and blog where you can introduce yourself, talk a little about the services that you offer and companies that you have worked with in the past, and highlight your best content in the blog section. Once you have done this, you’ll also need to set your rates. Doing this will make your target market clearer and make it easier for you to determine which clients you want to pursue. Posting your rates on your portfolio shows that you are transparent with clients and will also provide potential clients with a clear idea of what hiring you is going to cost them and entail. You may also want to attend in-person and virtual networking events to meet more people in the industry and market your services.

If you enjoy writing and want a job that allows you the freedom to work from home and be your own boss, you can make a decent living as a freelance copywriter with the right skills and strategies.

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