How to scan and shop in Tesco

how to scan and shop tesco

How Do Shop and Scan Work? If you value convenience when you’re shopping, then shop and scan technology might be exactly what you’re looking for. By giving you access to the tools you need to scan your own goods and process your own transactions, businesses are making it easier than ever to shop in-store. Read on to find out everything you need to know about shop and scan, including how to use the system at major retailers.

How Does Scan and Shop Work?

Every company implements scan and shop technology a little differently, but the basic premise is that you can scan goods as you shop, rather than waiting for them to be put through a checkout when you’ve finished adding items to your basket or trolley.

Depending on where you’re shopping, you’ll either use a dedicated handheld scanner or your smartphone and a branded app to scan the barcode of items as you decide to purchase them. You can then add the item to your trolley, basket or directly into your own bags.

Following this, you’ll be directed to a self-scan checkout, where your scanner will automatically upload your goods to the system. Using this method, you can pay at the self-service checkout, using either a debit card, credit card, vouchers, a gift card or cash.

Alternatively, some shop and scan systems allow you to pay for your shopping with a debit or credit card that has already been saved to your account. If so, you won’t need to visit a checkout to complete the transaction. Instead, you can simply press a button on the handheld scanner or use the branded app to complete your shopping and process your payment.

How to Scan and Shop Tesco

Tesco was one of the first major retailers to introduce Scan and Shop technology and it’s still a popular way to shop in-store. Before you can begin using scan and shop technology at Tesco, however, you’ll need to register for a Clubcard.

To begin using scan and shop, you’ll simply need to pick up a handheld scanner when you enter the store and scan your Clubcard. Then, you’re free to browse the store and decide what you’d like to buy. When you decide to purchase an item, simply scan it and place it in your bag, basket or trolley.

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When you’ve completed your shop, head to a designated Scan as You Shop checkout. Here, you’ll find a barcode at the top of the monitor screen. Scan this using the handheld scanner, and the items you’ve scanned will appear on the screen. You can then follow the on-screen prompts to pay for your shopping and print a receipt.

Until recently, Tesco’s Scan as You Shop checkouts accepted payments via cash or credit or debit card. However, Tesco have announced that the Scan as You Shop checkouts in most stores will be switching to ‘card only’ payments in the near future. If you still want to use Scan as You Shop technology and pay by cash, you’ll be able to do so by visiting a self-service or a standard checkout.

From time-to-time, Tesco staff will ask to take a look at your shopping or your receipt to confirm that items have been processed correctly. Customers are selected at random for these checks and they’re merely performed to ensure the technology is working correctly. Each check only usually takes seconds to complete, so it won’t hold you up or detract from your hassle-free in-store experience.

How to Use Tesco Scan and Shop

Tesco Scan and Shop is ideal for when you want to minimise the time you spend in-store. If you shop during peak times, for example, you might notice that checkout queues are longer than usual. When you use scan and shop, however, you won’t need to queue for a standard checkout, which means you can save a substantial amount of time. Instead, you can simply go directly to a Scan as You Shop checkout to process your transaction.

What’s more – you can pack your shopping in your own bags as you move around the store, simply scanning each item before it’s placed in a bag. This means you won’t have to empty a basket or trolley at the self-service checkout, only to repack your items into bags. Again, this can save a significant amount of time when you’re shopping, and it allows you to purchase the items you need quickly and efficiently.

As you’ll need a Clubcard to use the Tesco Scan and Shop service, you’ll also have the advantage of being able to collect Clubcard points on your purchases. Furthermore, customers receive 1 Clubcard point for every £1 they spend when using Scan and Shop, so it’s easy to build up points which can be used for discounts on future shops or for other purchases.

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How Do You Scan and Shop at Tesco?

If you’ve never used Scan and Shop technology before, there’s no need to worry about getting to grips with the technology. In fact, it’s as simple as pointing the handheld scanner and letting technology do the rest. The scanner will record a running total of the items you’ve placed in your bags, which makes it easy for you to keep track of your total spend. Once you’ve completed your shopping, you can process the transaction swiftly, without unnecessary delays.

Can Tesco Scan and Shop Do a Price Check?

Both the Tesco Scan and Shop handheld scanner and the Tesco app for Android and iOS offer a price check feature, so you can confirm the price of an item at any time. If a price isn’t clearly displayed on the shelf or if you want to verify how much an item is, you can carry out your own price check to confirm the cost before deciding whether or not you want to purchase a particular item.

Can You Scan and Shop for Items without a Barcode?

When you’re shopping in a supermarket, most of the items you purchase will have a barcode on that you can scan. However, some items, such as fresh fruit and vegetables or products in the in-store bakery, may not have a barcode. Fortunately, this won’t stop you from including them in your shop when using Scan and Shop technology.

If you want to purchase something from the in-store bakery that isn’t pre-packaged, you should find that there’s a barcode clearly displayed on the corresponding shelf or basket. If you want to purchase three bread rolls, for example, you will simply scan the relevant barcode three times and add the rolls to your bag.

When you want to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, place the products on weighing scales which are situated around the fresh produce section of the store. You’ll need to weigh the items in groups according to their variety. If you want to purchase three apples and four oranges, for example, weigh the apples together before moving on and weighing the oranges.

Choose the corresponding image or product on the scales and a barcode will be printed for you. You can then scan this barcode, which will convey the price based on the goods you’ve chosen and their weight. You only need to scan this barcode once, as you can weigh multiple items of the same variety at the same time.

Do You Need to Scan Items That Are on Offer?

Yes. Even if an item is on offer, you’ll still need to scan it when you use Scan and Shop technology. If you purchase two items on a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deal, for example, scan both items. The offer is stored in the system, so you will only be charged once. However, it’s important to scan both items so that the offer can be applied.

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In addition to this, stores such as Tesco use the data that’s scanned to access up to date stock information. When customers scan every item, staff can ensure that the shelves are restocked quickly and that they have enough stock in store to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Is Scan and Shop Secure?

Yes. Scan and Shop services operate using the same technology as standard checkouts. They simply incorporate a handheld scanner or smartphone app, instead of a larger scanner that’s built into standard checkouts. This makes shopping quicker and easier for the customer.

When you purchase items using Scan as You Shop technology, you can be confident that transactions and payments are secure. In fact, they’re just as secure as using a self-service or standard checkout, so you don’t have to worry about how your information is being processed or whether you’re being charged an accurate amount.

When you’ve completed a Scan and Shop transactions, you’ll be issued a receipt if you’re using a dedicated Scan and Shop checkout. If the system facilitates smartphone payments, you’ll be issued with an e-receipt that you can view and/or save. This will enable you to check that you’ve been charged the right amount, as each receipt will be fully itemised.

Of course, staff are always on hand to assist shoppers if they have any queries or issues while using Scan and Shop technology.

Is It Easy to Use Scan and Shop Services?

Millions of customers regularly use Scan and Shop services to streamline their in-store experience. Not only are Scan and Shop services intended to make shopping more convenient, but they’re also designed to make your shopping experience as straightforward as possible. Once you’ve registered with the relevant company and/or downloaded the brand’s app, you’ll be able to simply scan each barcode before paying for your items.

Can Anyone Use Scan and Shop?

Most stores require you to register before you can use their Scan and Shop technology. At Tesco, you’ll need to have a Clubcard before you can use Scan and Shop, for example. Similarly, at other major supermarkets, like Asda, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, they may ask you to download their app and register for a free online account before you can use their Shop and Scan services in store.

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