Is it Possible to Save Money on Household Bills

>Everyone has a reason to save money. Whether you are saving for a new car, house deposit, or you are simply preparing for the rainy day – by making small lifestyle changes, you will be surprised at how fast the pennies will amount to something significant. 

On paper, this seems easy, but it’s difficult to put it into practice. One of the major problems in personal finance is coming up with ways to cut costs. We’ve come up with a few hacks that could help you solve this problem. 

The best way to achieve this is to try as much as possible to reduce your household bills. Despite the fact some of your regular household bills might seem insignificant and small on their own, when you add it up, you will be surprised at how much it gulps – which makes it a huge drain on your resources. 

Here are a few tips that can help you reduce your household bills. 

Pay less money for power

Switching your electricity and gas suppliers can save a lot of money, especially if you’ve never switched suppliers before. You can also reduce your bills by a considerable margin if you get your electricity and gas and electricity from the same supplier. This is more or less like a dual fuel deal and pay by direct debit. 

Save money without switching

Now is the time to call your supplier. Tell them you want to speak to someone from the retention and cancellation department. When asked what you want, tell them you no longer need their services, and the reason for your decision is their cost of service. 

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They’ll try to convince you to change your mind, and will also try to offer you a better deal. This method works perfectly for bills like home phone, TV package, mobile, broadband, home and contents insurance and breakdown cover. 

Reduce your Council Tax

Unfortunately, you are not likely to slash your Council Tax as much as you want, even if you ask them nicely. On the other hand, if you have neighbours with identical homes that pay less, the same can be applied to you too. Try talking with your Council Tax band. 

It is possible for you to get refunds if you’ve lived at your place for a long time. The only risk with this approach is that the Council could decide to do the opposite of what you asked for and increase your bill more than your neighbours. 

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