Is Look After My Bills Really Worth the Switch? 

By The Pocket Your Pounds Team | Published January 12, 2021

It happens too easily and too often...

You sign up with one supplier who’s offering a great rate, but then they switch you automatically to a higher rate when the offer expires.

Too often UK families get ripped off by energy companies who know the average person doesn’t have hours to ring around for a better deal.

No one warns you about this - except in the fine print of the contract you sign, which I confess, I rarely read.

Yes, we should all do it, but how many of us can truthfully say we do?

Who has time to sit on hold waiting to speak to a real person about rates to compare, anyway? Not me.

So far, I liked this company.

I did have one concern though: I still had a contract with my current supplier and wasn’t certain Look After My Bills could help.

However, when I spoke with Felica at LAMB Customer Care, I was happy to learn that often they can switch you right away.

Even if you’re current contract isn’t set to expire, and often with no early exit penalty. 

Look After My Bills puts you first.

They only take a small commission from the energy supplier they find you a better deal with.

They work with a group of trusted suppliers that have a reputation of looking after their customers.

And, the commission they take is always the same amount across the board, so you know they’re representing your interest, ahead of theirs.

There is virtually no downside to switching to their service - if there is one I haven’t found it yet.

Look After My Bills highlights:

  • Is 100% free to use
  • Compares rates and finds the best deal for you
  • Makes the switch for you while you do nothing
  • Only switches you when savings are greater than £50
  • No long term commitment required

There’s zero tosh and you could save £100s, year after year.

Why not give them a try?

Check out Look After My Bills on Trustpilot - They have over 20k Reviews!!!

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