6 “Golden Deals” Pensioners Are Taking Advantage Of In 2020

By Harry Wilson | Published February 26, 2020

There are standard pensioner discounts that you probably know about. You can find these at restaurants and retailers. But there are also lesser-known discounts… found only online. And the truth is, standard pensioner discounts pale in comparison to internet exclusive offers.

These special offers are harder to find and only available for a limited time. Most people never get to take advantage of them because they don’t know where to find them!

This is why we’ve compiled the most recent and best money-saving offers pensioners can take advantage of right now.

Editor’s Note: This post is updated daily with the newest information and offers.

1. Save hundreds on your energy bills 

Did you know that greedy energy companies are ripping us off to the tune of £300 or more every single year? ​

For decades there were hardly any options as greedy energy suppliers raked in the cash. Then one company showed up on Dragons’ Den and is changing everything…

Look After My Bills co-founders went into the Den and wowed the Dragons - walking away with the BEST deal in the history of the popular TV show.

The concept of Look After My Bills is simple: you sign up just once, and the service finds you a great deal (and switches you to it) every year.

And the best part is, Look After My Bills is FREE! They are helping over 200,000 households avoid the energy rip-off this winter. 

The whole process can be done online effortlessly...

​2. Backup Your Computer’s Photos, Videos & Files With ONE Click

Picture it: your computer is filled with various folders of priceless photos and videos and important documents. You promise yourself that you’ll take the time to organise, sort and backup all your files “some day”... but then disaster strikes. All of those memories and important documents are now gone.

Unfortunately it’s not all that uncommon and happens more than you think: 31% of PC users have LOST all their files due to events beyond their control. That’s why you need InfinitiKloud.

InfinitiKloud backs up and products all of your photos, videos and files without you needing to spend hours doing it. With InfinitiKoud, you’ll never have to worry about losing your valuable files. Just plug it in, press ‘backup’ and it does the rest.

🔥 InfinitiKloud is currently running a FLASH sale. Get up to 50% OFF! 

3. Drive Down Petrol Costs

The easiest way to find the cheapest forecourt in your area is by comparing prices using a free tool. Go to and after registering, enter your postcode and tell it how far you’re willing to travel. It’ll list the cheapest petrol stations in your area.

4. Upgrade Your WiFi With This Groundbreaking Device

Do you hate slow internet? Do you hate buffering, stuttering videos and dropped connection? Do you want super-fast, reliable internet - even when you’re in the bedroom or garden? 

The SuperBoost WiFi is a device you plug right into the wall. It increases your internet speed and improves it's range tremendously. And best of all, it works with ANY WIFI router.

With SuperBoost you can make sure your entire home is covered no matter how far away you are from the router!

Never again will you experience any video interruptions or dropped connection! This is a device that everyone should have in their home.

🔥 SuperBoost is currently running a FLASH sale. Get up to 50% OFF!

5. Eating Out

One of the biggest benefits of being a pensioner is the amazing discounts you can get eating out… here’s our list of the top mouth-watering discounts:

  • Hungry Horse Pubs: a ‘Golden Years’ menu for over 60s
  • Greene King Pubs: special discounts for seniors   
  • McDonald’s: discounts on coffee and beverages (55+) at most locations
  • Nando's: varying senior discounts by date and location
  • Subway: 10% off 
  • Dobbies: lunch that includes two courses and a tea or coffee for just £7.45
  • Krispy Kreme: 10% discount (50+)
  • KFC: free small drink with any meal depending on location (55+)
  • Pizza Hut: special discounts for 50+ up to 50% off! (check your local branch)
  • Burger King: 10% discount on purchase depending on location (60+)

(Keep in mind that deals may vary at participating locations)

6. Hack The Supermarkets

Supermarkets are very clever at separating their products into different categories, using language to give you the choice of how ‘luxury’ or ‘basic you want to be. Often a manufacturers’ brand and own brand may well be made in the same factory!

A recent story online showed that Aldi’s ready to roast vegetables were made in the same factory as the same product from Waitrose. The difference in price was 55%!

Next time you shop, swap one of everything to something just one brand level lower. So if you usually buy Lurpak butter, this time buy Tesco’s own brand. Many can save £1,000s when dropping a brand level on everything!

REMINDER: Pensioners are saving £300+ a year or more on their energy bills

Latest statistics show that at least 60% of households are getting ripped-off by their energy supplier.

Look After My Bills is putting a stop to that with their free service. You sign up just once, and they’ll switch you to a great deal every year - saving you £300+ in the process.

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