Pocket a Few Extra Pounds in 2021 With These Simple, Money-Saving Hacks For Uncertain Times

By Jessica Truss | Published January 6, 2021

Job loss, social isolation, political uncertainty, food shortages and soaring prices are just a few of the things 2020 left us with.

Now, we’re looking down the gun barrel at 2021 with a suspicious eye, hoping it brings some much-needed relief.

To help, we’re counting down the top 6 things research suggests could save you £100’s in the New Year.

1. ‘Fakeaway’ Meals

How much do you spend on takeaway meals? According to KPMG the average Brit spends £451 on takeaway meals every year, with Londoners racking up a staggering £700 annually.

If you enjoy takeaway but want to save some cash, why not try making some of those delicious meals at home? There are a ton of takeaway shop recipes available online.

Reproducing them at home could help put £100s back in your pocket.

2. Get cheap home energy, forever.

Look After My Bills (LAMB) is a new service that ensures you always get the best deal on home energy, year after year.

Working with a trusted pool of suppliers, they scan the market, compare rates and handle making the switch to a better deal for you automatically.

Just complete this signup form once and the rest is looked after. 

Brits save close to £300 annually on average and it costs nothing to use their service.

No long term commitment is required and you approve the switch so you’re always in control. 

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3. Skip Those Fancy Coffees and Teas

According to our research, Brits spend £4bn annually on fancy coffee shop coffee and teas - and that’s not counting bottled water which they also spend copious amounts on.

An espresso machine may mean an additional outlook of cash but it’s plain to see how that could easily save you a few £100 each year.

A good quality travel mug or water bottle could save you even more.

4. Batch Cooking

Got a few recipes your family loves? Why not try doubling the amount you make and freezing the leftovers in individual portion-sized containers for another time?

A crockpot is a wise investment that will pay for itself many times over once you get into the habit of using it.

This could easily shave a few quid off your food budget and everyone will be happy. 

5. Cashback Websites

Lots of sites let you shop and get money back each time you make a purchase. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to what’s available to buy. You’re already spending on 100s of items regularly - why not put a few quid back into your pocket?

6. Kick those costly habits in the butt!

Many people are realizing how things like smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol are a luxury they can’t afford - not to mention the obvious health benefits gained by quitting.

And with a pack of smokes costing nearly £10, it’s easy to see how that could translate to a huge cash surplus in a year’s time.

Talk to your doctor to discuss ways to make quitting easier and successful and spend the extra cash on monthly expenses or debts instead.

OUR PICK: We loved #2 best because the savings potential is HUGE.

And with winter setting in, doesn’t it make sense to cut energy costs now before freezing cold temps hit the UK hard?

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