Simple Hacks to Cut Down On Energy Bills In 2020

>From cold winters to hot summers, with all the electronic gadgets plugged in at our homes, we rack up a massive bill on energy. In reality, the average household spends an estimated £1,579 yearly on power. As luck would have it, the advent of technology has made it easy and effective to lower the cost of energy at the same time improving output. 

Install LED or CFL light bulbs.

If you have never changed the light bulbs in your house, now is the time to consider switching to LEDs or CFLs. They are 4 times more energy saving when compared to incandescent bulbs, and they last longer too. 

Tip: When you want to compare light bulbs, don’t use the corresponding wattage, instead, use the lumens number. Lumens show the amount of light the bulb emits. 

When you compare the average electrical rates of using a 60 watt bulb to a 14 watt LED or CFL, you’ll realize you’re saving a lot of money every month. When you multiply the sum you save with the number of bulbs in your house, it’ll amount to something significant. 

Use a programmable thermostat.

This lets you change the cooling and heating of your house automatically. The temperature of your home is controlled when you are at work, when you are asleep, etc. This will significantly reduce your cooling and heating bills. The best part is that you can set the thermostat to either cool or heat up your house just before you get back from work. 

Unplug unused electrical devices.

Is it Possible to Save Money on Household Bills

Almost all electrical devices draw electricity (in small amounts) which is called a phantom charge. It can add up very fast when you have several small appliances and devices. To avoid this, unplug all power strips or devices you’re not using frequently. 

Utilize power strips and timers 

Consider using power timers and power strips to turn off and turn on electrical devices. A power switch that has a strip does not allow phantom charge on devices when turned off. On the other hand, a timer can turn off the charge entering a power strip automatically at a particular time every night. 

However, using smart power strips can help control the flow of electricity based on a control device. Take a DVD player, for example, it will only be powered on when the TV comes on first. By doing this, you eliminate all forms of phantom charges in your house at night when they are not in use. 

Reduce the hot water heater’s temperature.

The hot water heater drains a lot of energy in several homes, which accounts for about 14 percent of energy costs. In most cases, the water is usually hotter than what most people need. Worst still, most of the heat is lost to the environment, which means that you burn more energy to keep your water hot. 

These problems can be solved by reducing the temperature to about 600 C. You can also install a water heater blanket to make sure the heat is not lost. The cost of the blanket can be recovered in one year, and you’ll save a nice sum every month.  

Is it Possible to Save Money on Household Bills
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