Six of the Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites, UK 2021

There are so many streaming services out there these days, it’s easier than ever to watch movies online

But at Pocket Your Pounds, when we talk about slashing bills, streaming services are usually the first to get cut. 

With many of us still spending a lot of our time at home, this may seem like an impossible ask… 

However, these costs do quickly add up – unless you find places to stream movies online for free.

Some services (like Amazon Prime Video, NOW TV, etc’) offer limited-time free trials – which is nice, but not actually free… 

And as we’ve mentioned in other posts, if you do a free trial make sure to add a notice a couple days before the expiry to reassess or cancel

Luckily, though, there are a lot of totally free movie websites as well – 

You can actually stream movies without spending a single pound, and we’re not just talking about the old classics from 100 years ago – these days you can find current blockbusters!

We wouldn’t encourage illegal torrents and piracy sites – all the free streaming movie services we’re going to list here are perfectly legal. 

But air on the side of caution when you search online – many websites will send you to dubious destinations that not only stream illegal content, but also slam you with spammy warnings and pop-up windows… (in general, if it looks too good to be true, it is – especially with the most recent Hollywood hits fishily being offered ‘for free’). If you can, as a rule of thumb always try to protect yourself while browsing by using a VPN.

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And finally, all the services listed here work in the UK (as of this writing, at least). There are many free streaming services, like Tubi, IMDB TV, Vudo and more – that unfortunately only work in the US (though there are workarounds for that).

So we took the time to comb through the ones that work on our side of the pond, in order to give you the list of the best free movie streaming sites specifically in the UK.

One last note – most of these will work directly on your browser, but some (like the Roku Channel) require a special app or device, as noted in the description

1. Freeview

With more than 70 standard channels and 15 HD channels*, you can watch the nation’s favourite shows through your TV aerial, for no monthly cost.

All you need to get TV from Freeview is a working aerial and something to watch it on. Put your postcode in our Freeview Channel Checker to see what channels you should be able to receive.

And if you choose Freeview Play, you can connect to the internet to watch on-demand shows from various services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and UKTV Play.

2. Channel 4 Films

While Channel 4 is normally available live, via Freeview, it’s also available to watch on-demand via the “All4” service. 

All4’s Film category has an ever-changing collection of films – from romantic comedies to thrillers, dramas, and everything in between. While you won’t usually find the most recent blockbusters – there are some real classics there, plus a few hidden gems.

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The streaming service is totally free – you just need to register, and then you can watch it directly on your browser, or via an app, which is available for most of the streaming devices and mobile phones in the UK. The one downside? There are advert breaks.

3. BBC iPlayer Films

BBC iPlayer, the BBC’s on-demand player, is a treasure trove of content. It’s both a catch-up service for movies (and TV programmes) that aired on the BBC recently, plus an on-demand library full of interesting things to watch.

And, yes – it’s all free (though you do have to pay the annual TV licence) – you just need to register for an account first. You can watch the movies either directly from your browser, or via the BBC iPlayer app (which is available practically everywhere).

4. Pluto TV

While most of the services in this list offer on-demand movies (and TV shows), Pluto is different, in that it focuses on a long list of “live” channels. You still stream them via the internet – but they work just like live TV channels, where you can only watch what’s streaming RIGHT NOW.

If you miss that live TV experience of flipping channels and dropping in on whatever’s airing at the moment, Pluto will scratch that itch. They also offer, however, a limited selection of on-demand movies.

5. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel, which launched in the UK this year, is a free service from Roku that gives you thousands of free movies, TV programmes and kids content on demand.

The Roku Channel in the UK features a selection of popular global and British content. Most of the movies are pretty old or obscure, but there are some classics, especially if you’re into specific niches like horror.

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Unlike most of the other services on this list, The Roku Channel doesn’t work directly on a browser – but instead only works via one of Roku’s streaming devices. In the US, you CAN stream The Roku Channel from their website – and hopefully this functionality will reach the UK at some point.

6. Netflix “Free Watch” Page

Back in the day, Netflix – which is the most popular streaming TV service in the world – used to offer a free trial in the UK. That offer was eventually removed, and instead, Netflix recently launched a Free Watch page, which offers some of their popular movies and TV programmes for free.

The selection isn’t very big, but they might add titles occasionally. In the movies section, there are currently three big Netflix hits available to watch for free: The Two Popes, Bird Box and Murder Mystery.

The movies are only available to watch from a PC or Android browser. 


YouTube gets an honourable mention, because there are indeed A LOT of free movies you can stream for free in there – but… they’re often hard to find.

With millions and millions of clips and titles, YouTube is also full of movies that get uploaded illegally – and it’s often hard to distinguish what’s a scam and what isn’t. 

So what are you waiting for…

Pop some popcorn, get in something cozy and enjoy hours of totally free movie binging. 

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