Top 8 Ways to Cut Home, Food and Travel Bills

By Jessica Truss | Published February 21, 2020

With the spring months around the corner, you may be thinking about how you can spend less and save more in the coming year.

To help out, we’ve put together eight simple ways you can slash costs for food, travel, and household.

You may be surprised at how many of these seemingly insignificant cost-cutting measures, can pay off in huge ways.


1. Meal Planning

Setting up a weekly or bi-weekly meal plan ahead of time helps cut down on waste and it ensures there is less temptation for impulse-buying. It also means fewer trips to the grocery store because you forgot something you need.

2. Shopping Time

If you plan your trips to the grocery store for evenings, you’ll often find many fresh items are marked down by stores, in order to move them off the shelf before morning. 

At Home

3. Energy Bills

Did you know that greedy energy companies are ripping us off to the tune of £300 or more every single year? With another round of price hikes just around the corner, it could be a brutal winter for millions of us.

For decades there were hardly any options as greedy energy suppliers raked in the cash. Then one company showed up on Dragons’ Den and is changing everything…

Look After My Bills co-founders went into the Den and wowed the Dragons - walking away with the BEST deal in the history of the popular TV show.

The concept of Look After My Bills is simple: you sign up just once, and the service finds you a great deal (and switches you to it) every year.

And the best part is, Look After My Bills is FREE! They are helping over 200,000 households avoid the energy rip-off this winter.

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4. Telecom Bills

We all spend heaps these days on TV subscriptions, phone packages and broadband and the consumer champion 'Which?', says the average home could save £156 on those bills simply by haggling with providers. Believe it or not!

Try ringing up your providers to discuss whether they can give you a better deal. New deals are developed all the time - some you might never know about unless you inquire.

5. Water Usage

Not every home can save money with a water meter but many people can; especially if you have empty bedrooms after your darlings have left home.

The Consumer Council for Water says half the people who visit their website could save money by moving to install a water meter. The site even has a handy calculator to help you work out if you could. Some people can save more than £100 a year.


6. Train Tips

For some odd reason purchasing individual tickets for each portion of long trips is often cheaper than buying one ticket for the whole journey. It’s called, ‘split-ticketing’ and it can shave a pile of money off your train travel.

Check with websites like and MoneySavingExpert for help splitting your journey to cut costs on your trip.

7. Commuting by Car

You could easily cut the cost of your daily commute to work by half, by sharing a ride with a colleague. Many companies now have a plan for their workers to do just that.If your employer doesn’t have a plan, try looking for a car share match close by via a website like Someone you may not know who lives close to your home and is going the same route may be interested in sharing the cost.

8. Books

If you’re a book lover, a great way to cut costs on your reading pleasure is to borrow books from the local library, but there are other ways to save.

Used book stores let you buy books for big discounts - when you’re done, simply bring them in and swap them out for others.

The website 'Readitswapit', lets you exchange books you have finished with. And there's no need to worry about finding what interests you - they've got more than 290,000 books available at any given time.

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