U.K Households With Smart Meters Advised To Do This Today

400,000 people have already signed up to this FREE service, saving £259 on average...

By Jessica Truss | Published July 9th, 2020

Here's the most important need-to-knows...

Thousands of people are overpaying on their energy bills across the country! 

When your energy deal expires, energy suppliers will automatically switch you to their standard tariff.

This is the MOST EXPENSIVE tariff suppliers offer!

It’s never been better to be an energy supplier! 

The crazy start to 2020 has sent the worldwide markets crashing! This has also meant that the price of oil has gone into freefall!

Whilst this will help in reducing costs of the petrol for your car, energy companies are the real winners!

Energy companies such as British Gas and E.ON make the majority of their money from customers remaining on their most expensive standard tariff’s. 

With everything going on in the world right now, how can you constantly keep checking if you are not overpaying and you are on the best rates?

Well, you don’t is the simple answer!

Be like Carol...

Who wants to spend the time and hassle of searching and comparing the market every year, to ensure you’re on the best deal, and are not overpaying?

Check this new money saving machine that 400,000 people have used already! 

This is a free auto-switching service called Look After My Bills means exactly what it says, you never have to worry about your energy bills again! 

Customers such as Carol would stay with the same supplier and tariff for a large number of years…

Loyalty = Overpaying in the energy industry!

Over-paying on your energy bills is so 2018 – Join this FREE auto-switching service now and save money every year!

Got a spare 2 minutes to save some money? 

Look After My Bills save their members an average of £259!

Join the revolution now and let 2 minutes of effort save you money!


Can this service actually save me money?

Look After My Bills, which has been approved by, and got the best EVER deal on Dragons Den, is changing the energy industry, and saving thousands of people money every day! 

Over 400,000 people have signed up to the FREE service already and are saving £259 on average! 

As this is an auto-switching service, you are guaranteed to be switched to a deal that saves you money EVERY year, for FREE!

There are no hidden fees, and it's completely free!

  • They keep the service free for you by taking a commission from the energy companies that they switch you to. Unlike price comparison sites this is the same amount whichever the energy company and we only switch you to companies we trust who have good customer service.
  • They will only switch you if you can save more than £50!
  • You’ll get an email from Look After My Bills every time they are preparing to switch you.
  • You can always cancel the Look After My Bills service whenever you want!

Can I trust them

Look After My Bills have over 12,900 reviews on their Trustpilot and are rated ‘Excellent’ with a 4.6 rating! 

They have over 400,000 members using the FREE service to save money on their energy bills every year!

Take a look at what people are saying on Trustpilot:

How can I take advantage and start saving money on my energy bills?

Stop overpaying on your energy bills NOW! 

There are 3 easy steps to follow in order to start saving money on your energy bills!

STEP 1 – Click here to go to Look After My Bills website!

STEP 2 – Spend 2 minutes to fill in some necessary information regarding your energy!

STEP 3 – You’ll then be given the best and cheapest deal possible, complete the sign up and start saving money on your energy bills! 

REMINDER: People are saving £300+ a year or more on their energy bills

Latest statistics show that at least 60% of households are getting ripped-off by their energy supplier.

Look After My Bills is putting a stop to that with their free service. You sign up just once, and they’ll switch you to a great deal every year - saving you £300+ in the process.

The service is rated “Excellent” on independent review website Trustpilot with 12,900 reviews.

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