4 Insanely Easy Ways To Save HUNDREDS This Weekend

By Harry Wilson | Published February 28, 2020

Nothing sounds less appealing than spending the weekend sorting out your finances. But there are a few tricks that can save you hundreds with almost zero effort. 

That is why we’ve compiled the most recent and best money-saving tips you SHOULD take advantage of this weekend.

Editor’s Note: This post is updated daily with the newest information and offers.

1. Trick To Save £300+ On Your Energy Bills In 60 Seconds

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Did you know that greedy energy companies are ripping us off to the tune of £300 or more every single year?

For decades there were hardly any options as greedy energy suppliers raked in the cash. Then one company showed up on Dragons’ Den and is changing everything…

Look After My Bills co-founders went into the Den and wowed the Dragons - walking away with the BEST deal in the history of the popular TV show.

The concept of Look After My Bills is simple: you sign up just once, and the service finds you a great deal (and switches you to it) every year.

And the best part is, Look After My Bills is FREE! They are helping over 200,000 households avoid the energy rip-off this winter. 

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​2. ​Sell Unwanted Items On Ebay

“I’ll get round to putting that on Ebay eventually”... well, there’s no time like the present! Here are a few tips I used to maximise my Ebay profits:

  1. Close auctions on Sundays: Avoid ending auctions at weird times (e.g. 2am) when fewer people will be up and about in the UK - bidders often prefer to swoop in the last few minutes, hoping others won’t have time to fight back. According to eBay, its busiest time is Sunday evenings, so aim to end your auction then.

  2. Use eBay as a free removal service: Don’t pay the council to collect old sofas or broken washing machines. Put them on eBay for 1p and people with the skills to fix them may buy them, and collect them from you.

  3. Use tracked postage to beat the cheats: One problem for sellers is a buyer winning a pricey item, then saying it never arrived and claiming the cash back. If a buyer doesn’t receive their item, they’re entitled to a refund unless you can provide tracking information.

3. Budget For The Week Ahead

I find it so easy to tap my debit and credit cards for contactless payments on less than £30. But those taps can soon add up!

This strategy is often known as the jam-jar approach - dividing money into separate pots for different expenses. You’ll have to look carefully at everything you spend money on and decide which of them are ‘needs’ and ‘wants’.

Do this for the week ahead and stick to your budget. It should also be an eyeopener for those who don’t keep a tight grip on their spending.

4. Audit Your Direct Debits

It’s always worth going through your Direct Debits (and bank statements) to find subscriptions that you no longer need.

If you’re in a contract (e.g. gym membership) you may need to provide notice before cancelling the direct debit.

REMINDER: People are saving £300+ a year or more on their energy bills

Latest statistics show that at least 60% of households are getting ripped-off by their energy supplier.

Look After My Bills is putting a stop to that with their free service. You sign up just once, and they’ll switch you to a great deal every year - saving you £300+ in the process.

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